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Will Yoga Change My Life?

This week is the same as most weeks in which we continue the difficult, not always fun, work on getting to our best selves. To say that yoga is going to “change your life” is overstating a truth. Yoga is a noun. It is a concept, a discipline, a practice: one often misunderstood and misused….


This topic comes up every class. We are dealing with changing our bodies so how could it not come up? In fact, whenever we try and change something, there will always be some amount of pain. A Chinese proverb says, “you can’t heal pain without more pain”. We have to be willing to face it…

Home Practice

When I was a beginner student, I was told to cultivate my practice at home. So, like any earnest student, I went home and cleared a space in my very small apartment. I remember specially working on my inversions at the time. “Go home and fall!”, he told me. I fell over and over again….